Mobile Apps

Search and find anything.
Nearby and anywhere in the world.


The right app for each use case

Find ATMs, toilets, gas stations, supermarkets, playgrounds and much more, each with its own dedicated app.

Nearby and anywhere in the world

Search next to your location or anywhere in the world by specifying an address, POI or a point on the map.

List, Map & Details

Quickly overview locations by using the list or map view. Focus on one item in the details view.

Community driven

Hundreds of updates are worked in into the databases on each and every day.


All the basic functionality is completely free. Go PRO for additional features and to support further development.

Dark Mode

Configure your theming as you like. Use the device setting or force dark or light mode.


Use Google Maps or various third-party navigation software to easiliy navigate to an item.

Support for tablets and watches

The app works equally well on phones as on tablets. The latest version now also supports watches running Wear OS.


Accessibility information is available for more and more apps.


Around Me

Find everything around you.

ATM Locator

Find cash machines anywhere in the world.

Attraction Locator

Sight seeing via app.

Bakery Locator

Bakeries nearby and only a click away.

Camping Locator

Find camping places and caravan spaces wherever you are.

Cash Group Locator

Locate ATMs of the german Cash Group banking association.

Cash Pool Locator

Locate ATMs of the german Cash Pool banking association.

Church Locator

Find local churches.

Fast Food Locator

Find fast food restaurants and grills for a quick snack.

Gas Station & Fuel Locator

Gas stations always in sight with this app.

History Locator

Explore historic places nearby and learn something new every day.

Hotel Locator

Hotels and guesthouses wherever you are.

Parking Locator

Find parking spaces and garages.

Pharmacy Locator

Find pharmacies, drugstores and chemists with this app.

Playground Locator

Explore unknown playgrounds around you.

Restaurant Locator

Find restaurants nearby and anywhere in the world.

Supermarket Locator

Find supermarkets and grocery stores anyplace.

Toilet Locator

Find public restrooms. Including accessibility information.